Announcing Non-fiction November

I’m a huge fan of fiction. Where else can you read about kids who meet Egyptian gods, meet an OCD yet kind-hearted robber, or get an hysterical look at the apocalypse?

So I read and review a lot of fiction. Of the nearly 80 blog posts I’ve put up, only 12 have a “non-fiction” tag.

November is the perfect time to shake things up.

While thousands of men (and maybe some women) are participating in No-shave November, I’ll be hosting “Non-fiction November.”

It’s pretty much just how it sounds: all the reviews and mid-week posts during the month of November will deal with true tales.

Some are funny, some are touching, some are cerebral, and one is absolutely frightening. But they’re all true, and they’re all memorable.

Non-fiction November starts this Wednesday, November 3. I can’t wait to get started!

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2 thoughts on “Announcing Non-fiction November

    1. You poor woman, working in retail! : / I managed to avoid it, but I did work in food service for about a year. Painful stuff. I’ll certainly put this on my TBR list (and I may pick it up before November!).

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