A Short Bio

Amy PevetoAbout Me

My name is Amy, and the family legend is that I was a rotten brat until I learned how to read. Suddenly my mind could go places my body couldn’t, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Along with my book obsession comes a love of lists, organization, and the tendency to overreact when movies don’t end the way I want them to.

By night I’m a crazy blogger and Netflix addict; by day you can find me at my desk working for a kick-ass website design and digital marketing company. See samples of my professional work here.

About Bookzilla

Unless I’m celebrating Non-Fiction November, most of the books I review are fiction. I do read a lot of psychological texts about human sexuality, but I don’t review many of them here. Mostly I stick to young adult fiction, mysteries, fantasy, and historical fiction. Dystopian literature and poetry almost always disappoint me.

Where else I can be found

My Listography

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