2016 State of the Blog and Wrap-Up

State of the BlogIt’s just a few days til Christmas. I haven’t recovered from Thanksgiving yet, but soon I will be stuffing my face with even more delicious things and wallowing in a sea of wrapping paper. I’m hoping for good things in 2017, but first I want to take a look back.

First, the basics

  • Books read in 2016: 58 (32 since 7/1)
  • Audiobooks: 5 (0 since 7/1)
  • Ebooks: 9 (7 since 7/1)
  • Pages read: 19,528 (10,504 since 7/1)
  • Books reviewed: 33 (18 since 7/1)
  • Books not enjoyed: 3 (2 since 7/1)
  • Books not finished: 0 (0 since 7/1)
  • Library books: 38 (23 since 7/1)
  • Re-reads: 4 (4 since 7/1)

Genre breakdown (year totals)

  • Fiction: 33
  • Non-fiction: 25
  • Young adult: 6
  • Fantasy: 8
  • History: 14
  • Memoir: 6
  • Mystery/Thriller: 14
  • Humor: 5
  • Gender/sexuality: 6
  • Paranormal/supernatural: 7
  • Period piece: 5
  • Children’s literature: 4
  • Reading for work: 3

Reading challenges

  • Charity Reading Challenge: 58 books @ $2/each = $116 donated to Camfed
  • Monthly Motif Challenge: 12/12 – COMPLETE
  • The Mount TBR Challenge: 3/6

Mount TBR is a bust once again. I think it’s time to switch it out with something new. But I’m so proud of myself for completing the Monthly Motif Challenge, and definitely excited to donate $2 for every book I read in 2016.

Some thoughts

  • My reading is down from last year (when I read 73). The goal-oriented part of me is sad, but my rational side thinks I made good reading choices.
  • Fiction is still beating out non-fiction, but the ratio is much closer this year than last.
  • As much as I enjoy young adult novels, it’s been nice to see that number drop this year.
  • The commute to my new job is much shorter, so I haven’t listened to any audiobooks since April. I don’t really miss them.
  • I’ve gotten hooked on podcasts. Currently I’m subscribed to more than 20. It’s a sickness.

Looking ahead

  • I’ve sent my Christmas wishlist to my family, so fingers crossed I get some yummy books to take me into the new year!
  • I recently learned that Emily Nagoski (author of the fabulous Come as You Are) wrote what some people call a feminist version of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m so in I could explode!

How did your 2016 reading turn out? What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

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