The Write Stuff: Well Color Me Surprised

Writing Challenge: The Write StuffMonth eight of The Write Stuff finds me in the middle of peak season at work. I can’t concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes, so I’m gobsmacked to report that I finished my third story.

Um, what?


Goal 1: Finish four short stories in 2017

The Write Stuff, August 2017

Look at this. Look at it! I did a thing! “Beginnings” clocks in at 3,815 words — the longest thing I’ve written since college.

Remember those 106 instances of “action + pronoun” I said the story had? I hacked that down to just 31. I’m not sure how much of an improvement that makes — anyone who ends up reading it will have to let me know.

My brain is already trying to say, “But what about that fourth story…” but I’m not caring about that now. I want to bask in the glory that is accomplishing something big.

Goal 2: Write one in-character scene after every D&D session

(Formerly: Do as many of the 642 Tiny Things to Write About as I can)

Our group has met twice since my last update.

At our August 6th session, a major player character returned after months of in-game time, and my character had all the feels. I wrote and posted something in our Facebook group later that week.

Our last session, on August 20th, was more combat than RP-focused, so I haven’t seen super inspired. I’m thinking about writing something from my character’s past. Nothing’s gelled yet — I need some canon from the DM first.

Goal 3: Join a writing community (and actually share stuff for feedback)

I haven’t had anything fresh to post to Scribophile, but once I get that freakin’ fourth story idea I’ll be diving back in.

Goal 4: Document it all on this blog

Finally, something I’m excited to document!

How’s your writing going?

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