The Write Stuff: Excuses, Excuses

Writing Challenge: The Write StuffAs The Write Stuff wheezes itself into month seven, I’m having trouble focusing. I’ve done a lot of adulting lately (e.g., moving, writing large checks, and talking with my husband endlessly about “house stuff”), which is apparently worse for my creative output than even my negative self-talk.

Goal 1: Finish four short stories in 2017

The Write Stuff progress spreadsheet

Have I touched “Beginnings” since June? Nope. Have I thought of a fourth story idea? Also nope. Where do writers get their ideas from? I need help.

Goal 2: Write one in-character scene after every D&D session

(Formerly: Do as many of the 642 Tiny Things to Write About as I can)

On Sunday our group met for the first time since early June. We had basically forgotten how to play, so it took some time to ease back into it. Hopefully we’ll be meeting more frequently going forward; I’m so excited to get back into it!

I’ve had an idea germinating in my head for a few days, and finally had a chance to write it out and post it to our Facebook group last night. Fingers crossed someone responds!

Goal 3: Join a writing community (and actually share stuff for feedback)

I’ve…sort of done this? A few months ago I joined Toastmasters, and a couple days ago I finally gave my first prepared speech. It was non-fiction (I had to talk about myself for 4-6 minutes, yeesh), but it did involve writing and structuring stories and the speech itself. And the other members did give me feedback. So I’m going to count that.

Just let me have this.

Goal 4: Document it all on this blog

Enjoy my ever-quickening descent into madness. I hope you’re happy.

How’s your writing going?

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