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The Husband List, Janet Evanovich and Dorien KellyIt’s the heyday of the Gilded Age, and American heiress Caroline Maxwell is about to go postal. Her mother’s efforts to marry her off — preferably to creepy almost-duke Lord Bremerton — are growing more desperate by the day…as do Caroline’s attempts to thwart the wedding plans.

What Caroline wants is passion — something Jack Culhane appears to have in spades. He’s unconventional to be sure, an Irish-American with a great deal of new money and no title. But there’s something about him that makes Caroline’s heart beat just a little faster, and it appears the feeling is mutual.

Will true love prevail, or is Caroline doomed to spend the rest of her life in a passionless marriage?

You gotta love a good romance novel

Best Friend’s grandmother reads about as much as I do, and she loves passing books back and forth. Over the holidays she gave me a couple mystery novels and The Husband List (by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly).

I had Holiday Brain for most of December (okay, and I’ve technically still got it now), so reading this silly, sweet little story was just what I needed.

Yes, Caroline is a bit of a foot-stomping, chocolate-cake-sneaking, bluestocking stereotype; and yes, Jack is your typical devastatingly handsome, upstanding, unconventional-but-not-crazy Prince Charming…but you know what? Who cares! They’re good people, they love each other, and they end up living happily ever after.

With its mix of humor, a whiff of mystery, and a heaping spoonful of heaving bosoms and secret assignations in carriages, The Husband List is a fun, light read that left me feeling happy. What more can you ask for from a good book?

What’s your guilty reading pleasure?

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