March 2011 State of the Blog

State of the BlogI love being able to take a step back and see how I’m doing in my reading. However, once a month seems a bit excessive, so I’ll dial it back to a few times a year. Let’s dive in, shall we?

First, the basics

  • Books read since January 1 – 25
  • Pages read – 9,093
  • Books reviewed – 18
  • Books not enjoyed – 9

Genre breakdown

  • Fiction – 21
  • Non-fiction – 4
  • YA – 7
  • Dystopian – 2
  • Graphic Novel – 2
  • Audio book – 1
  • ebook – 2
  • Classic – 2

Reading Challenges

Some thoughts

  • As usual, fiction is winning by a landslide — non-fiction just isn’t something toward which I naturally gravitate.
  • I’m officially hooked on ebooks. So much for my principles.
  • Maria V. Snyder is my new favorite author!
  • So far I’m doing pretty well with my 2011 blogging resolutions, especially my resolution to comment on more book blogs. It’s led me to lots of great bloggers, and has lengthened my wishlist considerably.
  • What’s also brought me lots of new friends is my participating in Notable Quotables and Top 10 Tuesday. Love me some memes!

Looking ahead

There’s lots of fun stuff in the works, including another notch in my Gothic Reading Challenge belt, a review of a fantastic children’s classic, a healthy dose of reality, and maybe some sociological/cultural ramblings. Only time will tell.

It’s been a fabulous year so far, and I can’t wait to enjoy more great reads!

How’s your reading going? Do you have a yearly plan, or do you just wing it? Am I the only one who really likes knowing how many pages I’ve read?

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4 thoughts on “March 2011 State of the Blog

  1. Great job on your reading! It looks like you read a nice mix of genres. Ebooks are convenient aren’t they? I always carry an e-reader with me.
    Maria V. Snyder is one of my favorites too – I really want to read Inside Out & Outside In by that author.
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and look forward to what’s ahead!

    1. My genre mix is generally pretty good over a long period of time, but I tend to read several of the same genre in a row before switching to something else. I went through about four or five of those YA books in a row. 🙂

      ebooks are indeed convenient, but they also make it way easier for me to spend all my money. If I want to buy a “real” book, I at least have to work up the energy to drive there!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and I hope that your reading for the year is going swimmingly.

  2. Nice. Now I have something else to keep track of. Lol…

    My plan is to get a lot of reading done this summer while I’m on my long camping trip. And then, of course, the ongoing plan to try to stick to my weekly school agenda. I keep goofing off on Fridays. 🙂

    1. You’re allowed to goof off sometimes — that’s part of being a college student! :p I don’t know how much reading you’ll get done on the ride, though. :p

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