1book140: The World’s Biggest Online Book Club

In early 2010, Northeastern University professor Jeff Howe wondered, “What if everyone on Twitter read the same book at the same time?” The bookish community is a large and dedicated one, and that summer over 12,000 people got together on Twitter to read and discuss Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. And so 1book140 was born.

You can read the rest of my article over at Playmaker Online. I’m planning to participate in the July discussions, and I hope you will too. Feel free to leave comments here at this blog, or over at Playmaker.

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4 thoughts on “1book140: The World’s Biggest Online Book Club

    1. I voted for Right Ho, Jeeves, because I like a little comedy. But Hornby’s book is moving ahead, which is kind of a bummer. I’ll probably still give it a try, though.

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