Saturday Snapshot: Visitin’

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Last weekend I headed back to my hometown to help my mom celebrate her birthday (for those nosy individuals, she turned “21,” as she does every year). Aside from lots of television watching, home cooking, and snark, there are three things I always enjoy about returning to the town in which I grew up:

1. Small-town signage

Federal prison, stadium

2. Pretty birthday cake! My mom’s boyfriend always comes up with the perfect ideas for the cake. This year it was the Hepburn Little Black Dress.


3. Dogs who dislike obstacles Toby, my mom’s “miniature golden retriever,” likes to sit right on your lap. So do laptops. Toby does not like laptops.


Happy Saturday!

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21 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Visitin’

    1. That sign may be my favorite one I’ve ever seen. It perfectly captures small town Texas life. White cake isn’t my favorite, but this one was good — the bakery that makes it is very good at what they do.

    1. And it tasted good, too. The cake, not the dog. 🙂 Poor Toby is a very long-suffering puppy. He wants to be very close to everyone all the time, and I was preventing him from doing so.

    1. Toby’s as friendly as he is gorgeous. He just really likes to be near whomever is sitting on the sofa. 🙂

      I can’t comment on your blog, but I love your photos from this week! Specialty museums, especially those in Europe where the history is much longer, are always so much fun. I went to lots when I was in Prague.

    1. Oh dear, I bet the place is a zoo — Olympics start this week or next, don’t they? Traffic must be horrific. Stay safe!

  1. The sign is a riot! I live in a small town and I can vouch for our quirkiness. The cake looks beautiful and quite delicious too! Happy birthday to your mom. I’m sure having you home was her best gift. 🙂

    Toby is a handsome fella. We have a golden retriever and they are great dogs. Hope you had a fun visit!

    1. That was exactly what my mom said about having me home — apparently that’s a universal feeling amongst mothers. 🙂

      Toby is indeed very handsome, and he knows it. My mom spoils him rotten.

    2. I’m not able to comment on your blog, so I’ll leave my thoughts here for you:

      Yikes on those ER visits! Having a house full of boys must certainly keep your blood pressure up. Glad to hear it all turned out fine. I don’t suppose telling them to be more careful would help?

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